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FIC, continua

Easy to see: The motherboard is installed in the middle of the cylinder.

La motherboard è inserita la centro del cilindro

The Condor is a new Mini-PC that builds on conventional components. The design is comparatively easy on the eye, and the internal structure is fairly innovative.

Il Condor è il nuovo Mini-Pc basato su componenti convenzionali

Simplifying maintenance, the Condor can be opened sideways. Beyond that, there's the option of using an AGP graphics card which matches the enclosure*s height.

Il design semplifica la manutenzione

Fishhawk is yet another mini bare bone, which dazzles users with its two 80 mm side ventilators. They serve the purpose of keeping noise levels low, a claim that is difficult to verify when there's CeBIT noise all around us.

Fishhawk è un altro barebone che permette un utilizzo in verticale

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