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Alcuni aggiornamenti dalla Mozilla Foundation

Nuova release alpha per Mozilla, arrivato alla versione 1.8 Alpha 3. I bug
risolti sono i seguenti:

– Users can now disable CSS via Use Style > None or a global preference
(bug 32372.)
– It is now possible to open a bookmark in a new tab with ctrl+click/middle
click (bug 72361.)
– Eudora import has been greatly improved (bug 242953 and bug 3157.)
– ChatZilla now supports RTL text alignment (bug 250864.)
– Mozilla now supports a at-rule for matching on site/document URL. Among other
things, this makes site-specific user style rules possible (bug 238099.)
– Mozilla has support for translucent windows on Windows and GTK2. (bug 252067
and bug 252525.)
– Preliminary support for CSS columns has been checked in to Mozilla bug 251162.)

– The new npruntime plugin scriptability API has been added to Mozilla 1.8a3
(bug 250666.)
– Undetected document.all support has been added to Mozilla.

Il download è disponibile a questo indirizzo.

La Mozilla Foundation ha inoltre rilasciato un aggiornamento per Mozilla Sunbird,
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