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Disponibile Paint Shop Pro 9.01

Nuova release per Paint Shop Pro 9.01, il programma di fotoritocco più
utilizzato. Potete scaricarla da qui.


Fixes and Issues Addressed

  • With the Smear tool’s size minimized, smear strokes
    were leaving transparency in areas where they shouldn’t have.
  • Use of the Palette Knife, under certain settings, was introducing
    artifacts along the edge of the paint.
  • The Tiles effect was sometimes dropping lines between tiles,
    and displaying a noticeable difference between the preview and the resulting
  • With the History palette set to Auto-hide mode, right-clicking
    an item displayed the context menu, but the palette itself disappeared.
  • Due to an issue with the automation OLE server in Microsoft
    Access 2003, integration with Microsoft Access wasn’t always work correctly.
    Additionally, when inserting a Paint Shop Pro Studio object into a Microsoft
    Word document, Paint Shop Pro Studio was closing automatically if no other
    document was open.
  • Recording a script that included a plug-in with an apostrophe
    in its name (such as “Somebody’s Filters”) didn’t enclose the
    plug-in name in double-quotes, causing an error upon execution.
  • The scripting command ReturnFileLocations wasn’t returning
    the folder count or locations for the following three folder locations: Categories
    Database, Displacement Maps, and Mixer Pages.
  • Vector objects with lines 2 pixels thick (and wider) were
    displaying with an extra pixel.
  • The left and right preview windows for the Barrel, Fisheye,
    and Pincushion Distortion Correction dialogs did not match after the initial
    filter application.
  • An erroneous, abbreviated error message sometimes appeared
    when using the Hue/Saturation/Lightness dialog on a Windows ME computer.
  • The Reset to default button in the Digital Camera Noise
    Removal dialog was not functioning correctly after using the Randomize button.
  • Changing the filename case of some resources (such as Picture
    Tubes) wasn’t being reflected in the visual resource pickers.
  • Changing a Gradient name via the Resource Manager dialog
    modified the gradient’s thumbnail appearance in the drop-list.
  • Paletted PNG files were not appearing in the Displacement
    Map dialog’s list of available map images.
  • The Batch Process feature was not properly saving PSP7 and
    earlier images with the correct .psp file extention extension.
  • EXIF data for Raw images from the same camera was varying
    depending on the presence of the image thumbnail.
  • When using the Image Browser, navigating folders with the
    arrow keys sometimes caused focus to jump to other folders.
  • In Windows Explorer, right-clicking an image file and attempting
    to open it with Paint Shop Pro 9 was not working.
  • In Windows Explorer, right-clicking a folder to "Browse
    with Paint Shop Pro 9" wasn’t functioning properly.
  • After setting up a screen capture and then minimizing Paint
    Shop Pro, completing the screen capture was not bringing focus back to Paint
    Shop Pro.
  • The Raw Camera Data dialog’s zoom presets drop-list was
    improperly displaying the zooming options.
  • When in Tabbed Documents mode, selecting images for Print
    Layout via the Image Browser wasn’t displaying the image thumbnails.
  • Images opened from a maximized Image Browser were missing
    the Close button after exiting Full Screen Preview mode.
  • After dragging and dropping another image into the current
    image, attempting to view Layer Properties was causing PSP to crash.
  • Clipboard contents pasted into a selection were not conforming
    to the shape of the selection.
  • A Help topic associated with placing text along a vector
    path mistakenly referred to a button labeled "OK" instead of "Apply."
  • A Help topic associated with screen capturing didn’t contain
    directions on capturing Paint Shop Pro itself.
  • A Help topic associated with copying resources via the Resource
    Manager dialog needed additional information.
  • A Help topic associated with the Color Replacer tool needed
    additional information about materials other than solid colors.
  • A Help topic associated with splitting color channels listed
    the wrong menu path.
  • A Quick Guide in the Learning Center palette needed additional
    steps to assist new Paint Shop Pro users.
  • A Help topic associated with the auto-hide feature for palettes
    needed additional information.
  • Users of the Logitech Track Man mouse were reporting slowdowns
    when in Paint Shop Pro.
  • During installation, attempting to change the location of
    user data folders wasn’t working properly.
  • In the Layers palette, scanned images opened into Paint
    Shop Pro were not being labeled as the "Background" layer.
  • After creating a new layer and then using the Edit >
    Repeat command, the second new layer’s name was not incrementing properly.
    A few dialogs in the application still referred to the Layers palette as the
    Layer palette.
  • The Alt key shortcuts listed in the Layers menu and the
    Layers context menu did not match.
  • When the Layers palette was set to auto-hide, and then a
    new layer was created, the palette was hiding improperly.
  • The Layers palette icon used to indicate a layer’s lock
    status was difficult to see.
  • Load/Save Selections and Masks wasn’t allowing access to
    the File Locations button when there were no resources in the current folder.
  • Some models of cordless pointing devices were having difficulty
    with slow mouse movements in Paint Shop Pro.
  • In the Image Browser, dragging an image onto an already
    populated folder did not open the folder.
  • After adjusting a layer’s opacity and then selecting another
    tool, the cursor was disappearing.
  • When set to auto-hide, the History palette was improperly
    hiding after right-clicking an item to display the context menu.
  • The script ReturnVectorObjectProperties was not returning
    the visibility of objects with visibility turned off.
  • The label "SelectHideMarquee" was not appearing
    in the History Palette to reflect that the Selections > Hide Marquee command
    was used.
  • When attempting to run two successive scripts that import
    JascUtils, the scripts fail.
  • When using the Anti-alias option with the Freehand Selection
    tool, the resulting selection did not appear anti-aliased.
  • After executing a Select All command, right-clicking to
    deselect was not functioning properly.
  • When using the Circle or Ellipse selection type without
    the Anti-alias option checked, the selection was failing.
  • Attempting to move an empty (transparent) selection was
    prompting an error message to appear.
  • When the Windows screen settings were set to use the largest
    font option, the bottom of the application registration form was being cut
  • A Help topic link associated with Aligning and Spacing Text
    on Object Paths was opening a popup window, not another Help topic.
  • While using a vector tool with the foreground property set
    to Transparent, subsequent attempts to apply paint in the Mixer palette were
  • Use of the Mesh Warp tool was leaving holes in the image
    where none existed in the previous Paint Shop Pro version.
  • When using the Mesh Warp tool, the edges of some warped
    images appear to change after applying the modifications.
  • While using the Warp Brush tool, the Apply and Cancel buttons
    were grayed out under certain conditions.
  • While using the Clone tool, the X marking the source position
    wasn’t appearing during clicks and drags.
  • While using the Raster Deform tool to proportionally resize
    a layer, occasionally the proportion was being distorted depending on cursor
  • The Art Media tools needed the ability to support very small
    brush Size values.
  • The raster Paint Brush presets incorporating certain settings
    were causing the application to lock up.
  • Saving a brush preset with the name "Last Used"
    was prompting an error message.
  • Under specific settings, Paint Brush strokes over undone
    strokes was occasionally causing the undone strokes to reappear on the canvas.
  • When using the Ellipse tool, the Tool Options palette’s
    expansion arrow wasn’t functioning properly in some cases.
  • Straight vector lines drawn with anti-alias on and having
    an even-number width setting didn’t look as good as expected.
  • Editing some of the vector shapes and then closing the document
    occasionally caused Paint Shop Pro to crash.
  • When dragging tool buttons out of their group while in Customization
    mode, the buttons didn’t look the same as before they were moved.
  • When docking was turned off, the Layers palette was occasionally
    hidden behind the Materials palette.
  • Under certain conditions, Materials palette swatch thumbnails
    set to appear at small or medium sizes were not fully visible in the palette.
  • The response time for docking and undocking palettes appeared
    to slow down after several docks/undocks.
  • When resizing the main application window such that the
    Tools toolbar was partially hidden, the icon indicating the additional tools
    was being clipped.
  • Customization options associated with adding plug-in commands
    to toolbars were missing compared to previous versions of the application.
  • When clicking on the Paint Shop Pro main window to reactivate
    the application, clicking over a docked palette/toolbar would undock the palette/toolbar.
  • When sampling colors in the Mixer palette, right-clicks
    were not setting the Background property as expected.
  • After clicking the Layers palette to give it focus, subsequently
    clicking another palette would not always give that palette focus.
  • After exiting Print Layout, multiple images that had been
    minimized in the main window were moving upward such that the title bars were
  • In the Objects menu and the vector-related context menus,
    command name capitalization was not consistent.
  • Deleted workspaces were still appearing in the list of workspaces
    available for loading.
  • Under certain conditions, images minimized in the workspace
    were sometimes hiding below the Status bar.
  • The Customization mode feature of Ctrl+Left-clicking a tool
    to duplicate it was not documented.
  • Menu icons dragged to another location and then set to appear
    only as text were having the icons reappear upon the next launch of Paint
    Shop Pro.
  • In the Mixer palette, when attempting to adjust the Tube
    tool’s size setting via the mouse scroll wheel, the setting wasn’t updating
  • When using the Fine Leather effect, the dialog’s preview
    pane was not properly updating unless the Proof button was clicked.
  • Setting a Logitech optical mouse scroll wheel to execute
    a double-click when pressed was not working consistently in the application.
  • When starting an Oil Brush stroke outside the canvas, blank
    areas would sometimes appear at the edge of the canvas.
  • The ability to scroll through options in drop-lists by using
    the mouse wheel or the arrow keys was not functioning properly.
  • Some Windows 98 users were reporting that preset lists were
    appearing at their smallest size for no known reason.