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Nuovi Omega driver disponibili per il downloa

Disponibili i famosi Omega driver 2.5.67, ovvero una release
modificata dei driver Catalyst di ATi. Questi ultimi sono basati sui
appena rilasciati dalla casa canadese. Le modifiche apportate sono:

* Based on the official Catalyst 4.8 drivers.

* Added support for some new Radeon cards.

* Fixed a few laptop bugs (but still unsure about the video playback problem).

* Optimized the current OGL driver for D3, it should improve performance with
no loss in quality.

* Optimized FSAA performance for both D3D and OGL.

* Updated Radlinker to version 1.013

* Updated ATITool to version 0.0.21

* Updated Multires to version 1.47

* Updated the DX Control Panel to Dx9.0c

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