Schede madre

Raccolta software e utility weekend

Nel fine settimana sono state rilasciate diverse nuove versioni di driver modificati e utility. Ve le elenchiamo qui di seguito:

2.6.3 – 17th Jul 2005
– Fixed intermittent corrupt movie files (codec missing error)
– Fixed screenshot key not always responding with early DirectX games
– Movie & screenshot directories are recreated if they’ve been deleted
– Added workaround for systems with AlienGUIse (missing checkboxes)

Driver modificati basati sui Catalyst 5.7 appena rilasciati da ATi.

* Updated base to Catalyst 5.7
* Added Ultra Edition
* Added support for more cards
* Updated OpenGL Driver Switcher

Ultra Edition:
The Ultra Edition is optimized for cards with 256Mb or more. It uses the ram in a more effective way in order to produce higher performance. It also may be used with 128Mb cards but don’t expect the same level of performance gain.

Standard Edition:
The Standard Edition is recommended for All Radeon cards. This edition is especially recommended for those users that can’t use the Ultra Edition.

Please, uninstall your previous driver before proceeding with this Installation. Please use the ATI Catalyst Uninstall Utility in order to Uninstall your current driver.

Included Utilities:
* OpenGL Driver Switcher
* RefreshForce by Gregory Maynard Hoare
* ATI Tray Tools by Ray Adams

E’ un’utility che permette di editare i parametri di funzionamento del bios delle schede video nVidia.

Changes in this Version

– Corrected GeForce 7800 GTX VID mode

– Enabled GeForce Go 6800/6800 Ultra exact mode

– Added support for GeForce Go 6800 Ultra

– Added option to edit Geometric Delta Clocks on GeForce 7800 GTX

– Added option to save BIOS without changing checksum

– Added option to edit boot up TV-out mode

Driver modificati nVidia basati sull’ ultima release Beta finora pubblicata, la 80.40

VERSION:: DNA-Force 1.8.8040
* Based on the ForceWare 80.40 Release
* Updated support for next gen (G72 / C51)