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Asus Motherboards

Oltre al protipo del’RV380, Asus ha presentato motherboard con chipset VIA, con supporto al PCIE x16 e PCIE x1.

A RV380 card with native PCI Express support. A random detail, by the way: ATI has its reference cards made by ASUS.

Scheda prototipo RV380 PCI Express

A clear view: The PCI Express signal lines in direction of GPU.

VIA´s PT890 Northbridge makes it possible: AGP and PCI Express unified on one motherboard.

VIA PT890 Northbridge permette l’integrazione dell’AGP e del PCI Express

ASUS' TV-30P display: unfortunately, still without HDTV support.

ASUS TV-30P display

The ASUS V9520 Home Theatre includes a TV tuner and is based on NVIDIA's GeForce FX 5200 GPU.

ASUS V9520 Home Theatre include TV tuner ed è basato sul chip GeForce FX 5200

Pagina 31: Motherboards Asus