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FireFox 0.9 la prossima settimana

Ben Goodger oggi ha annunciato nei forum di MozillaZine che il browser
FireFox 0.9 sarà rilasciato la settimana prossima. “Dovremmo
fissare la data di rilascio per il 6/12 o il 6/14”. Nella nuova release
sarà incluso:
– Import bookmarks, passwords, cookies, form history, history, and
options from Internet  Explorer. Import some of these things from
Mozilla, Netscape 4, and Opera. 
– “Copy Image” on image context menus (Windows and Mac). 
– Set as wallpaper dialog that lets you choose
tiled/centered/stretched. (The dialog also prevents you from
accidentally setting a porn image as your wallpaper, blowing away your
previous wallpaper, etc). 
– Show a warning dialog when closing a multi-tabbed browser
– Dragging text to search bar should search for it; dragging URL to
address bar should go there 
– Allow deletion of form autocomplete results (Shift+Delete) 
– Support for smb:// and sftp:// URLs in gtk2 builds using the
gnome-vfs library 
– GTK2 installer 
– Right-click a form textbox and select “Add keyword for this search”
to set up bookmark keywords easily 
– URLBar autofill (inline autocomplete) with hidden pref