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Nuovi driver modificati per ATi e nVIDIA

Nel corso del weekend sono state rilasciate parecchie release modificate di driver ATi e nVIDIA. Abbiamo cercato riassumerle in questa news:

Xtreme G 76.45 (ForceWare)

Versione Xtreme basata sulla versione 76.45 dei ForceWare per sistemi operativi Windows 2000 & XP.

– zer0point Catalyst 0.54 (beta)

-=[ Features ]=-
-Overall performance, IQ, and stability tweaks.
-Increased number of resolutions over the standard Catalyst choices
-HDTV Modes enabled
-DiVX, Mpeg2, WMV acceleration enabled
-Displacement Mapping enabled (if supported by hardware)
-Geometric Instancing enabled

-=[ To Do ]=-
-Fix installer so heading reads DHzer0point ATI Driver Setup and ATI’s Eula is replaced with the DHZP Eula
-Fix minor installer bugs
-Further HL2 CSS Optimizations
-Support for wider range of resolutions
-Updated Overclocking utility for PCI/e boards

-=[ Errata ]=-
Fastwrites are on by default unless you have them turned off in your BIOS. These drivers are built around quality, first, last and always; if you’re going to bitch about your 3dmarks going down slightly don’t bother. That said HL2 and CSS currently take a larger than normal performance hit, most notably on older cards, due to the increased quality in the set. We are working on resolving this issue. However this can be limited in great part simply by turning down AF and or AA one or 2 levels, if you’re used to 8x AF try 4x.

DNA-Force 1.4.7650 (ForceWare)

VERSION:: DNA-Force 1.4.7650
* Based on the ForceWare 76.50 Release
* Cleaned internal driver settings / tweaks
* Added some more D3D tweaks
* Added some more Control Panel Tweaks
Readded DNA-Force AI install options:
– Balanced_AI
– Fast_AI
– Quality_AI

DNA-Force 1.4.7644 (ForceWare)

VERSION:: DNA-Force 1.3.7644
* Based on the ForceWare 76.44 Release
* Fixed some minor install options

NGO ATI Optimized Driver v2.4b Open Beta

âÂ?¢ A small DirectX9 Performance improvement
âÂ?¢ Readded: ATI Control Panel
âÂ?¢ Updated: ATI Tray Tools
âÂ?¢ DirectX Tweaks
âÂ?¢ Added: Installer packages prompt